Movie Hackday @ Berlin Buzzwords

During some lunch discussions, @alansaid and me came up with the idea to have a Recommender Systems Hackday (similar to the famous Music Hackday) bringing together interested people to create some cool recommender systems or applications. Simultaneously, Isabel Drost, who’s co-organizing the Berlin Buzzwords, asked me if I’m interested to do a workshop at the Buzzwords. So, things came together and we’re proud to announce the first Recommender Systems Hackday in conjunction with the Berlin Buzzwords.
Topic of this Hackday is the movie domain. In cooperation with Moviepilot, a Berlin based recommender systems startup and Germany’s biggest movie community, we’ve set up a Movie Hackday on the 4/5 of July.

For more information see

Movie Hack Day

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For information about the Berlin Buzzwords see

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