First experiences with the Autographer

Last week I got the Autographer, a wearable camera, capturing images every few seconds. I use it with the goal to build a visual lifelog of my daily activities. The camera comes with 5 sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, temperature, color sensor and PIR) + GPS. The Autographer arrives packed in a neat small white package containing the camera, a pouch, a lanyard and an USB cable.


While I was undecided between the Narrative Clip and the Autographer, the fact that the Autographer allows me to manage and store the photos where and how I want it made me choose it. The narrative clip uploads all photos to a narrative server, which I definitely not want for every taken picture.

The camera is made out of plastic and but feels ok overall. But it definitely does not fell like a gadget worth almost 400€. The lens can be covert by using a flippable cover, which is easy to do and one should remember to do this in more ‘private’ situations. The camera can be worn by using the enclosed lanyard or the built in clip. I’d recommend using the clip as the lanyard in my case leads to a lot of blurred images at the camera shakes a lot while moving. The clip keeps the camera better in place.

First experiences

After using it a few days, I have mixed feelings. Most of the photos are not interesting at all, which is kind of expectable if you’re not Indiana Jones. What bothers me is the quality of the photos. The camera does have problems with colors. Black and red are not colors liked by Autographer. Also the GPS function is not properly working. This may be a technical defect, but it is still annoying – I already contacted the autographer support

The other problem is the connection to the iPhone. I’m using an iPhone 5s and the Bluetooth connection rarely works. The Mac application is ok so far. What I haven’t found yet is the possibility to export a photo AND sensor metadata. It seems that sensor data can only be viewed in the application.

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