My experience with the one, up and pop

I’ve walked around with three tracking devices last week, the Fitbit One, the Jawbone Up and the Withings Pop. While the fitbit tracker is my day-to-day device (since June 2013), I tested the other two and wrote data collectors for a lifelogging app that I’ve implemented for our lab (the app is called Dailyme and is currently for internal use only).

The Up and Pop are the first fitness bands I ever have worn, and there probably the last ones for a while. I found the Up pretty uncomfortable, and the tracking accuracy of both not satisfactory. Especially the Pop is disappointing – sometimes it just does not track steps at all, e.g. when I’m pushing the buggy obviously my arms are not moving much, but I’m sure that I’m definitely making steps. Such situations seem to be a big problem for the Pop, not so much for the Up though.

Concluding, the Up seems to track ok, but is very uncomfortable, the tracking quality of the Pop was very poor during my test, so I stick with my Fitbit one, which even survives the washing machine at least two times…

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