Reading Corner: Smartphone based emotion detection

While wearables sales hit new highs, the smartphone as a full-blown sensor platform still offers a lot of potential for lifelogging to collect more than pure activity and body numbers.

A recent Telefonica research paper presents an approach to detect boredom from mobile phone usage -The team explains the approach on their blog, or you directly read the paper.

Beside detecting boredom, there is quit some research to detect other kinds of emotion using phone usage data and the phones sensor data. To start I’d recommend you to read:

  • Smartphone Based Stress Prediction by Stütz et al. presented at UMAP’15 presents a small study showing that the level of stress can be determined by using phone data.
  • StudentLife: assessing mental health, academic performance and behavioral trends of college students using smartphones by Wang et al. presented at UbiComp’14 analyses the data of 48 college students to detect stress, educational and health problems by using the smartphone data.
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